Drop-Off Lunch from our June Menu



Our Monthly Seasonal Menu (see complete menu here) for June gives us stone fruit and heirloom eggplants, letting us know that summer is here! This little Drop-Off lunch featured some easy and healthy, vegetarian items for 6. Read on to see the details:




Roasted Peacock Farm Eggplant (vegan)

With Blanched JF Organic Farm Radish Wedges, Date & Fig Vinaigrette, Fresh Basil, and Dill




Kenter Canyon Barley and JF Organic Farm Turnip Pilaf (vegan)

With JJ’s Lone Daughter Ranch Meyer Lemon and Rutiz Farm Bloomsdale Spinach




Coastal Farm Summer Squash Lasagna Cupcake™

With Drake Farm Goat Cheese Feta, Fried Rosemary, Lemon Béchamel, and HLA Garden Shiso Leaf




Jimenez Farm “Veggie Burger” (vegan)

Fresh Green Garbanzo + Dried Koda Farm Chickpea “Veggie Bruger” with Mc Grath Farm Heirloom Carrot Ketchup (se recipe here!), Macerated JF Organic Farm Peppers + Zucchini, and Sautéed Shiitakes 



Dulce Chocolate Mousse

With Cirone Farm Apricots and a Brown Sugar Crumble

Photos: Yolk & Flour

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