Our New Pastry Chef

Heirloom LA

David Rodriguez


Working in several restaurants I observed how pastry chefs were always valued in the opening months until sensible owners realized that dishwashers or prep cooks could be trained to make a few signature desserts at a much lower labor cost, and then the expensive pastry chef get let go. It’s simple economics. The worst is when the restaurant’s savory chef multi-tasks by taking a stab at desserts and puts amateur plates on the menu with no balance or subtlety. Needless to say, there seems to be a lack of respect for the skills of an experienced  and qualified pastry chef. Fine dining generally provides an exception to this notion, and I’m here to tell you so do we.



David Rodriguez heirloom la



It is with great pleasure and pride that I introduce you to our new pastry chef, indisputably noted as one of our country’s best, Chef David Rodriguez.  He has been written up in several national periodicals for his work and I feel honored to throw in my pastry towel and have him take over for us. Formerly of the Michelin starred Providence, his desserts offer sublime textures and flavors devoid of any cloying sweetness. He has been developing many bite-sized eye poppers as well as breads, crackers, cakes, and his specialty, plated works of art. As our original pastry chef at Heirloom LA, I never paralleled our Chef Matt’s talent in the savory kitchen. I am so thrilled that our new pastry chef finally does. So when you order from us, it’s advisable to not be skipping dessert.


Heirloom LA Desserts-3


Heirloom LA Desserts-2


Are you dying yet? Aren’t they all beyond gorgeous? Using European-style butter and Chino Farm Eggs (for a brighter yolk), basically all the finest ingredients we can get our hands on, these confections are all as transcendently divine as they look.



Jane Goodall Cake


Happy Birthday, Jane, as in Jane Goodall. The Jane Goodall. What a thrill. And of course she loved this exceptional birthday gift of tender and moist almond cake, orange jam, orange pate de fruit, orange and white chocolate mousse and orange glaze.


Welcome, Chef David, to the team.





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