Lasagna Cupcakes

Wedding at The Houdini Mansion



The “magic” about the Houdini Mansion in Hollywood, is that there are so many little coves for each event to assert their own vision and style in. We were there for a wedding on this occasion and had two kitchens, one for the cocktail hour and one for dinner. It really is a special venue!



After tray passed appetizers, plated salads were served that had greens from Coleman Farms, Coastal Farms, Windrose Farms and Weiser Farms, and then there was citrus from Murrays Farms and goat cheese from Drake’s Family Farm. It was basically the Santa Monica farmer’s market on a plate!


Lasagna Cupcakes


Lasagna Cupcakes are always popular for family style dinners because they are really delicious and also because they are great conversation starters. Here, the wedding couple had cherry tomato and burrata Lasagna Cupcakes.



For one of the sides, we served a broccoli and radicchio vegan dish, all from Coastal Farms.



Another side was confit baby artichokes and greens.



Keeping our fish local and line-caught is more important to us than the ability to call out the type of fish we will be serving. We get our fish from Wild Local Seafood who fishes off the coast of Santa Barbara and brings it to us whole and clear eyed, never more than a day old and never, ever farmed.



Our beef here was from Marin and Sons, but we also use Stemple Creek, basically we work to keep it 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised.



Cherries are here! They taste as good as any prized bottle of wine and are without the hangover. A perfect finish to dinner.


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