Taco Bar at Big Daddy’s Antiques



The fabulous Lady Liberty called upon us to do a Taco Buffet set-up at the most luscious venue, an antique store called Big Daddy’s Antiques. This event was for I Tunes and there was this glorious seating made up of all their vintage couches and cozy chairs for guests to watch several music performances. Pictured here we are on the outside of the entertainment slanging the most delicious tacos you could ever want.




Lime Tortilla Chips with fresh guacamole are stuffed in cute little brown bags that are folded over for easy to grab snacks.




On the Salsa Bar, you can see that we are into summer with stone fruit salsa and behind it, sweet corn salsa. If there were any leftovers, these each could be placed in a blender and spun up into punchy gazpachos.




Shishito Peppers are another sign of summer, and here we blister them with sliced, grilled carrots and kale, all from JF Organics. This filling was then tossed with a citrus, chili vinaigrette.





Our chef Matt created a marinade for each of the three taco fillings by sautéing some fresh tomatillos from JF Organics with shallots, herbs, salt, and pepper.




Besides the vegan filling pictured above, guests could choose achiote chicken and 100% grass fed beef with peppers.




This was my favorite of the three, the 100% grass fed beef with sweet corn salsa and guacamole.




Most guests chose all three fillings, and really, who can blame them? So good. Best part is that this Taco Buffet is all available for Drop-Off (see the set-up HERE). It’s the best selling lunch menu for photo shoots actually, and really popular for casual beach parties, as you can see HERE. I think I could eat tacos everyday, so to me, they work for everything!

Photos: Yolk & Flour

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