Drop-Off Taco Buffet



Let’s talk Drop-Off. Specifically our Taco Buffet Drop-Off  because who doesn’t like tacos? Our Drop-Offs are an easy solution for photo shoots, productions, corporate lunches, birthday parties, showers, even weddings. Basically they are for anyone who wants our food but without all the fuss of full-service.




Food comes wrapped like presents, super cute, and either you get reheating instructions because you want to heat and replate everything yourself as was done here, or the Drop-Off comes like you see above where one of our helpful delivery drivers line a table with brown paper and set up a buffet nice and pretty.




Each package comes with a label so you know what it is and we can leave it like that, wrapped up to keep hot until your crew needs it. Then you can just unwrap and presto! Beautiful, healthy, real food for those you want to impress and nourish.




We can also stick labels beside each dish so people clearly know what everything is.




Dear Taco Buffet, I love you.




It’s nice to add in a Vegetable Crudite Platter for some fresh crunch and nibbles.




Although most everyone goes for meat on a taco buffet, we have veg options too, even vegan options as you see.




Here are our tacos on our corn ware plates….




And here they are on ver terra plates made from fallen palm leaves (so cool, right?). Which do you prefer? We offer both.



dessertHeirloom LA-4



Don’t forget dessert. Our pastry chef is way too good to pass up dessert. Those little cups up there are all examples of “Chef Choice Treats” and will knock your socks off, each one of them.


Photos: Yolk & Flour

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