Quick Persimmon Jam



Who doesn’t love a beautiful cheese platter for the holidays? To put one together quickly yourself, think of it as a floral bouquet that uses different textures and sizes in a color palate that honors the season. For winter, persimmons are exploding with flavor, rendering themselves an obvious ingredient for jam.




Right now we are getting our persimmons from Penryn Orchard on Wednesdays at Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. They are so spectacular!




For an easy jam, slice a few firm Turkey or Fuyu Persimmons and drizzle them with a good quality raw honey (we use Energy Bee) and fresh cracked black pepper.




Next, select a very soft Hachiya Persimmon and literally smash it into the mix.




Toss and taste. Add more honey to your pleasing.




Pink peppercorns grow abundantly in our neighborhood so we always have them on hand. They make a pretty garnish here with some borage from our garden. Cheese platters and crostini stations are our most popular item we sell. They are crowd pleasers and fun to make, so enjoy!


Photos: Yolk&Flour

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