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Remember our Office Retreat in Palm Springs here? We ran out of time to finish it up, so we waited for a pocket in our schedules where we all could get away to be together and go through a process of collectively identifying what our Core Values are as a company.

We each were tasked to identify 5 Core Values we felt our company was defined by, and then we presented them all as a group and weighed in on each one. I loved how they all were congruent with each other so the work was to reign them in and hone them down. It was a really illuminating exercise to hear everyone’s perspective and know that are values are all aligned with one another.




Of course we had a bunch of food. We started with a Crostini Station and Cheese Platter because it’s everyone’s favorite meal.





Then later for dinner we ordered a Drop-Off, as you see here and in the photos above. Everyone has a passion for good quality food on our team, it’s a job requirement, so to get to sit and eat our own offerings is always relished.




At the end of the evening, in no particular order, this is what we came up with to drive our choices and actions moving forward. It’s taken us six years to get to here, which feels like forever with everything those six years have held. I look at the core values we all agreed upon up there and I’m not so struck by reading them as I am by our journey to get to them. I feel like they’ve always been there, but they were zooming around, sometimes out of reach for whatever reason, dangling in front of us. Now they are published; on all of our desktops, in our email inboxes and prominently on our minds. We all agree that they are the soul of our company, and a company has just gotta have soul, but they are also the heartbeat and the spirit. Now the work is to keep them close. Here we go.


Photos: Yolk & Flour


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