Appetizer Buffet to Fill Guests Up


We’ve got the formula to throw a successful fundraiser in your home. First, you need to have alcohol of some sort, it loosens people up, and you must also have some nice small bites so people don’t get too sloshy or ornery. You want them feeling cheerful and generous! Food can be a powerful assist in that mission.



Our crostini stations can take the place of spending funds on flowers because they look like edible floral arrangements, and there is something for everybody whether they be vegan, gluten-free, raw, or paleo. All the diet trends are gorgeously represented here so you can avoid any complaints on that end. Hooray!



And you can place small trays of these guys around the party during cocktail hour as people arrive before any presentations just in case they dont make it to the buffet. If guests are hungry, they are not going to listen to your presentations or asks.



Keeping appetizers stationary eliminates the need and expense for excessive staff to circulate the room with tray passing. When you are working to raise money for a good cause, you want to retain as much of it as possible while still setting an elegant tone of hospitality. There are creative ways to achieve this goal!



If you want to feel like you are feeding people dinner, but still stay within a reasonable budget, our signature dish, Lasagna Cupcakes ™ are a perfect addition to the appetizer buffet because they are single serving and can fit on a small appetizer plate. Also they retain their heat for a good while and are the ultimate comfort food. They are so versatile, and they always start fun conversations to lighten the mood. Here you see a Turkey Bolognese and a Corn with mascarpone. If there are leftovers, send them home with the guests who wrote you the biggest check!


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