Vanessa Hudgen’s Friendsgiving Lunch



This week, Vanessa Hudgens called upon us to cook for her Friendsgiving Luncheon that was featured on E News. She wanted a mostly vegan (aside from the pasture-raised turkey) menu that was simple and plated so we pulled from our Holiday Menu of course.


friends giving-table-setting-thanksgiving-turkey


The tables at this West Hollywood space were super cute and fun, just like she is.





Usually the prep is as pretty as the plated dishes, but no one gets to see it but people working the party!





From our holiday menu, is this Concord Grape and Radish Salad where there are blanched radishes as well as shaved raw slices.




Since this was a plated lunch, we wanted the stuffing and turkey to be individual servings rather than messy servings. Our kitchen baked off the stuffing, drenched in custard, in a sheet pan which was baked off. Then it was sliced and sautéed in brown butter and sage so all the edges were buttery crispy deliciousness. Also the turkey was rolled into individual roulades, so pretty!




The sauce here is of course gravy and we also have green beans and wild mushrooms for the vegetable garnish.




And for dessert, a wonderfully light vegan pumpkin custard. It is made with coconut milk which plays a lovely undertone of support to the hearty pumpkin. Topping with pomegranate and persimmons seals the deal for fall.



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