Lunch Buffet for Marc Jacobs


When you rent a beautiful house in Beverly Hills for a fashionista event, you need to serve the prettiest food imaginable because guests will look at it long before they eat it.



Jumping into spring when specialty fruit starts making it’s way to the farmer’s market, makes popping all kinds of color much easier than the winter months.



We grow our own edible blossoms for garnish on all of our platters as you see here. They have delicate tastes of cucumber, arugula, and some are even spicy!



Fresh peas are snappy and sweet and kind of sassy as they sit on this house made cracker with lebneh (see recipe HERE).



It’s always are mission to make are food flavorful by using very high quality ingredients grown for taste rather than quantity, and then to have that food be as pretty as any floral bouquet. Below are some close ups:






Cumin Carrots!



Broccoli and Radicchio!



Oh ya, ah-huh, and cherries, paired with chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate crumble and vanilla bean pastry cream, and cream fraiche. Cherry season, we love you!!



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