Yasmine’s Florals for Shark Pig

When we did an event with Shark Pig at our place (see it here), it was really important that either we just ban any flowers whatsoever or make flowers not look like flowers, make them look like texture. Who do you call upon for a job like that? Yasmine Floral Design, that’s who. She’s up for these sorts of challenges.

I told her that the color palette was pig and shark, and it can’t look anything like a wedding. Or flowers. There are many things to love about Yasmine, but in this case what I loved is that she didn’t look at me like this request was any kind of unusual. She just nodded her pretty head and did a half smile and showed up a couple hours before guests arrived to put it all together. I was really impressed. Again.


Remember when she was featured here? She is just our darling. I mean who could find shark colored flowers? And pig colored flowers? And then arrange them in a way that they are too modest to draw attention to themselves? Yasmine. Yasmine can.

Photos: Jennifer Emerling
And who captures our girl Yasmine in all her delicate, feminine essence but yet can still find the toughness and heart of our kitchen like in these images here? Oh, yes, that would be the pink haired wonder Jennifer Emerling. She shows up in t-shirts reading “Barf” in Barbie font and you wonder why the hell you didn’t get her as your little sister. Man, oh man, she is good. And it is the gospel truth that I’m just as proud of her talent and diversity and adventurous spirit as if we were related.

Follow Jenn on Instagram here. And Yasmine here.

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