Sweet Birthday Party in The Salon

Remember our very first destination wedding in Jamestown, VA that we talked about here? This was back in our nascent stages when we just had lasagna cupcakes and a whole lot of ambition. We were working out of a kitchen in it’s off hours (read: 10 pm to 10 am) and we were conducting tastings in our house! Ah, man, we were small change with a big vision, and Dana and Quinn read that in us… the big vision part! They brought us to Virginia to cater their beautiful wedding that got featured in Martha Stewart Weddings here. It was a turning point in our confidence and our image, and we have remained friends with Dana and Quinn and their family ever since. 

Now they have a sweet baby boy, and for a night out Quinn surprised Dana with a babysitter and a birthday party for 20 of their closest friends in The Salon. It was so fun to have them all here to cook an intimate dinner in this format to enjoy. They believed in us from the beginning for such a huge scale wedding which affirmed our own belief in what Heirloom was doing, in our vision of what we would be doing… in what we are doing now. 

Thank you to Dana and Quinn for being part of our support system, our friends and always positive and fun to be around. We are better people for having you in our lives.

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