Superbowl Salad


I admit it! I am grossly behind on blogging. This beautiful photo session was shot back on – yikes – Election Day! We voted and we high tailed it over to our friends at Casa de Perrin to have a delicious BBQ as we talked politics. Oh how I love to talk politics. And I love to talk politics over a gorgeous table. Look at this table!

So let’s just go ahead and apply this meal to Superbowl Sunday because BBQ on red, white and royal blue suits this American past time in the same way it suits Election Day. I’m not a sports person… at all, but I am a food person and pork sliders and salad sound real good to me today.


photos: Josh Perrin
If you’re looking for chicken wings, go here, but to cut some of the fat of all the traditional sporting snacks, here’s a salad dressing with some ummph to put on your veggies today.
1 T dijon mustard
2 T adobe from chipotle pepper can
4 oz white balsamic dressing
8 oz orange juice, brought to a simmer, reduced by half, + cooled
Combine all of the above.
1 cup grapeseed oil or light extra virgin olive oil
whisk in or shake all ingredients together in a mason jar until thoroughly combined.
keeps, refrigerated, for one week.

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