Fig And Melon Canape



We are making the most out of melon season coming to a close, featuring them without much-to-do and highlighting their natural sweet flavor. Right now we are getting our melons from Munak Ranch and our figs from Pudwill Farms. Of course, always, our goat cheese is from our friends at Drake Farms.




To make these pretty little appetizers, you want to cut the melon in a way that provides a flat surface for the pieces to have a solid platform as they sit on a serving tray. Then make sure to season with just pepper to provide a gritty adhesive for the cheese. Save salting to finish or juices will be released.




Next smear some soft goat cheese on each piece of melon to provide a glue for thin slices of fig. Drizzle a bit of high quality olive oil (not too grassy) and sea salt, and then garnish with fresh marjoram or basil blossoms. Of course you can add sliver of prosciutto in place of the salt. We were going all vegetarian on this one!




For an event last month, David, our pastry chef, solicited his sons to come work with him! They did great helping to make these appetizers. It’s always fun to engage children in cooking. They nearly always eat what they help to create in the kitchen so you can trick them into eating healthy.




So pretty, so good! Have fun making these for some friends before melons go out of season.


Photos: Jennifer Emerling


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