Drop-Off Summer Fruit Platter



As you read here, we are diligent about shopping with the season. No watermelon in May. No pears in summer. Growing up in suburbia, where I could get strawberries all year round, this concept was perplexing to me, but after forming Heirloom LA, Matt and I have been on a quest to support small farmers, and the biggest responsibility of that, as Phil Mc Grath of Mc Grath Family Farms explained to us, is “to eat seasonally”. It takes less water, less fertilizer, and less labor. Across the board, every single small family farmer who we have listened to has proclaimed this to be their truth. We want to make it ours too. And from the photo above (and in this post here), you see there is no sacrifice in this seasonal summer fruit platter. The varieties of the grapes will change from week to week, so will the melons and the colors of the berries. It’s not up to us, it’s up to something bigger than us. What we do assure you is when you eat seasonally, there will be a flavor explosion like nothing else, and you will be supporting a movement to help change our broken food system and get back to growing food the way nature intended.

Summer Fruit Platter, Early July:

Murray Family Farm: Red Watermelon, Muscat Grapes, Summer Royal Grapes

Millikan Family Farm: Medjool Dates

Tamai Family Farm: Heirloom Honeyloupe Melon

Tenerelli Orchard: Diamond Ray Necatarines

Pudwill Farm: Red Raspberries, Blueberries

Bernard Ranch: Marsh Grapefruit, Ruby Grapefruit

JJ’s Line Daughter Ranch: Sanguinello Blood Orange

Cirone Farms: Blenhiem Apricot

HLA Garden: Edible Flowers


Photo: Yolk & Flour

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