Vegetarian Fourth of July Cooking Class



Here’s a 4th of July Party for you! Invite some friends over and have Matt teach you how to make one of the best vegan burgers you’ve ever had! They are made with fresh fava beans and green chick peas, see the recipe here on Chalkboard Magazine.




The stylish Bash Please came in to design the table for Jenni Kayne and her friends for a pretty outdoor picnic setting. It felt easy and relaxed, like it was all just there, everyday, in Jenni’s backyard.






I need to tell you about the Carrot Ketchup up. Remember when we made it with children at the Challengers Boys and Girls Club here? It really is a fun way to engage children in healthy cooking. Here is the recipe Matt made above featured on Chalkboard Magazine. We get in the most flavorful heirloom carrots from Mc Grath Farms this time of year so we are using them in all sorts of ways. Carrot Ketchup is such a tangy and bright condiment that is really versatile.







Matt used the Carrot Ketchup on these burgers where the patties were the bun, making them gluten-free. The filling was roasted wild mushrooms that always provide a meaty texture.




Making Sangria is easy! We used our own Heirloom LA red wine (we call her Scarlett), and then gathered a bunch of seasonal fruit that we poured the whole bottle over with a couple cups of Pressed Juicery beet Juice. It was strong so we tempered it with sparkling water. Presto! It was delicious.




I mean, these are just so good. Ok, I want to show you the rest from his vegetarian picnic.







Rat’s Tail Radish Crudite Salad

with ricotta and mushroom cavatelli and red frill

Endive and Wax Bean Salad

with shelling beans, almond romanesco vinaigrette, and bitter lettuces

Raw Zucchini Salad (see the recipe here)

with raddichio, fresh peas, and chipotle vinaigrette

Fresh Fava Bean and Chick Pea Veggie Burger

with carrot ketchup, sports, and roasted mushrooms



4th-of-july desserts


Can’t leave out dessert! These brownies are perfectly fudgey and extra rich with the dollops of ganache. And look how patriotic those french eclairs are! When eating so healthy, it’s necessary to have very decadent desserts afterwards, don’t you think?




Photos: Brittany Wood



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