Heirloom LA


Heirloom LA


The pandemic gave us the kick in the butt to upload our online ordering platform. See it HERE. It enables easy and efficient ordering where we can deliver to you or you can pick up at our kitchen in Cypress Park as shown above.


heirloom la


We top our food with parchment and kraft paper, and wrap it like a present (because good food is a gift), with string you can reuse, in aluminum countainers that are attractive and can be reused.


AVOCADO PLATTER, heirloom la


Removing the paper, our avocado platter is awesome  when you need an easy grab and go kind of healthy continental breakfast. We feature grilled local heirloom grain bread, avocado whip, watermelon radishes and a roasted squash smear. Look at these colors! I love to slather all these things on my toast for a sweet and creamy, vitamin loaded, and filling breakfast. It is the best alternative to pastries that have basically negative nutritional value… but we have pastry offerings too for those who want it!


heirloom la, fruit platter


Our fruit platters are a great addition to pretty much any order because of their color, ease of eating, and also because we support small, local farms who grow produce for flavor over quantity. You won’t see pineapple or bananas on our platters for the simple reason that we are not importing produce from other countries where we are not connected to the farmer and their practices. As Californians, we have so much incredible local produce, so we are cutting our carbon footprint here and only using the local stuff!


Heirloom LA


These two platters and coffee were perfect for our own gathering HERE where volunteers helped us with our annual holiday party benefitting youth aging out of foster care. We all were hustling to do our work but needed some quick, healthy fuel to keep us going. This scenario was a crowd pleaser, and it was also so easy to pick up and set up. Look how vibrant it is just with the lids removed! This is so easy for any occasion!



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