My Lovefest of DesignLoveFest

I am obsessed with the blog DESIGNLOVEFEST and I am not afraid to say so. I check on it daily for inspirations and ideas and recommendations, you should too. I had read that it’s creator, Bri Emery, had just run a weekend class called BLOGSHOP where she and her partner, Angela, taught people how to edit photos and add flair to their own blogs. They give gift bags and take pics and serve lunch, and for their second class…. they called us to help!

Tal had turned them away (“we’re blacked out!”), so did Kristen (“I’m sorry but we have five weddings that weekend and can not accommodate you”), but Matt, my supremely fabulous boyfriend brought their inquiry to my attention, “Babe, isn’t this the blog that you are obsessed with?”
YES!! So we made it happen and did a drop-off for their second BLOGSHOP. Here’s a little run down…
photos: angela+ithyle
design: bri emery

B L O G S H O P 2 – Los Angeles from Son of Shark Pig on Vimeo.

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