January Charcuterie Platter



For the most part, we get in whole animals, as opposed to animal parts, so that we can do the processing ourselves. It’s a more simple way to cook meat. After using all the tasting bits for center of the plate items like the ribs, the loins, etc, we are left with less appealing parts like liver and gizzards and such. This is what charcuterie is made of. Let me give you a tour of the photo above starting from top left:


Mandarinquats: Murray Family Farm

House Made Peads and Barnetts Pork Sausage with pistachio and dried peaches

House Made Mary’s Chicken Gizzard Pate

Springhill Farm Pepperjack Cheese

Medjool Dates: Miliken Family Farm

Persimmons: JJ’s Lone Daughter Ranch

Baserri Sheep Cheese

Drake Farm Glacier

Marin Cheese Truffle Brie

Cabbage (saurkraut): Jimenez Family Farm

Peas (in quinoa): Mc Grath Family Farm

Micro Greens: Maggie’s Farm

Herbs: Kenter Canyon and our own garden

Blueberries: Pudwill Farm

House Made Mary’s Turkey gizzard terrine




the dip on the top left is a strained yogurt with dried fruits and honey. It’s great on toast with the pork sausage.




Those little pink caviar looking things up there are from our very own finger lime tree. It’s not 6 years old and produces like crazy. It does really well in our California climate. I’m not sure why they aren’t more prevalent, they are so special!


Photos: Yolk&Flour

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