Get Yer 80s On Sweethearts!


Awwwe! Thank you Zagat! See the complete list here of other culinary couples in Los Angeles.

Ok, more on that 80’s party…. My friends of Heyoka Hideout (remember their opening party we cooked for here) hosted a Murder Mystery Party using this company who sent an actor, Laura Rigores to assign each of us roles and act as our “detective”, (she was hilarious, you should request her if you ever book a party like this!). In our case the “scene” was backstage at a big concert of a rock star (yes this role was assigned and that person had to sing alá Spinal Tap). This rock star was flanked by his managers and had a bunch of groupies, an ex wife and even a transvestite who were all in love with him and mugging for his attention. The role given to me was a has-been singer who is trying to get the attention of all the agents there (also roles assigned) and I get my back stage pass by being a photographer (so I had a camera to keep me busy). It was uncanny how Laura (our detective) was able to sense who were the biggest hams in the group and assign roles accordingly. For instance, read what you will into this but Matt got assigned….. the transvestite!



Of course we brought a ton of 80s food and set up a buffet. Think stuffed mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, 7 layer dip, cheese skewers poked in cantaloupe, sausage pockets, pasta salad with black olives and pesto, spinach dip, deviled eggs… the works!!! Best Valentine’s Day ever!



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