Everyday Nibbles



When I say “nibbles”, what I actually mean is “My Favorite Meal”.  Fresh Bagels or House Made English Muffins with avocado, smoked fish, pickled onions, fruit, cheeses…. Yes, I’d eat it everyday all day.




People ask a lot what our drop-off packaging looks like and here you have it. Some people say it feels like a wrapped present. Take off that red and white string and then it’s ready to go but you can always replate it as was done here.





Our compostable plates and utensils are made from fallen palm leaves. They are pricier than plastic but prettier too and completely biodegradable.




This drop-off buffet was served at a flower making class. Food sets the tone for guests. It translates how much the host cares. You can spend all day cooking, which is so awesome, or you can just make it easy and order in.


Photos:  Tara Maxey



2 thoughts on “Everyday Nibbles

  1. I’m only interested in your Salsas. Could you send me a list if they are available for sale? If not, please let me know. Thank you.

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