Cooking Students Visit Our Kitchen

Heirloom LA Boys + Girls Club032


Up until the kitchen classroom at Challengers Boys and Girls Club closed, Chef Matt and I taught simple cooking classes there each week in South LA. On this particular week, we wanted to bring the children to our place so they could see a busy professional kitchen in action and we could demonstrate breaking down a pig as documented on our website here.


Heirloom LA BG Club


Everyday our kitchen makes a lot of fresh pasta to accommodate our full service and drop-off events. We also sell it at Silverlake Wine and inventory quite a lot in a walk-in freezer.


Heirloom LA BG Club-2


Heirloom LA BG Club-3


Whenever I post a Cavatelli dish on Instagram, people will invariably shout out, “Worms!!” These popel have never tasted pasta made with fresh ricotta, clearly, or they would just scream, “Gimme!!”


Heirloom LA BG Club-4



Photos: Jennifer Emerling


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