Shark Pig in The Salon

Our friends over at Shark Pig, the classy little movie making team based in Atwater (see the video they did for us here), they have been talking about getting their whole crew together for a party for quite some time now. They have depots all over the country so their team is traveling constantly, and they really wanted to make an effort to collect everyone together to throw a par-tay over here in our digs. Man did they ever!

To outfit our space, of course, were our pals at Yeah Rentals. Remember the other events they styled for us here and here? For Shark Pig we naturally went with a theme of grey (shark) and pinky-peach (pig).
Guests entered in through The Salon before they went out back to our garden. Photos of each of their team members were scattered throughout the party along with “money” and team cards and pins to wear with a sharkypig logo.
Daniel Gibson drew all the chalkboards for this event. Pigs and Sharks everywhere. There were also little “work” sheets for guests to fill out.
We called in our friend Yasmine for some simple floral elements. Here she is sprucing up The Salon for another event. Her work never ceases to take my breath away. So, so pretty. Check out her Instagram here, she’s one of my favorites.
Okay, let’s talk cocktails. This is a drinking crowd and they wanted a bar that satisfied everyone. We served our House Wine and beer and of course cocktails….
Vodka, Salmuera (house smoked sea salt solution), Grapefruit Juice, HLA Citrus Bitters
Old Overholt Rye, Whiskey, Herbsaint, HLA Fresh Ginger Extract, Torani Amer, Meyer Lemon
Herradura Plata Tequila, HLA Sour Mix, Damiana Liqeur, HLA Toasted Chili-Agave Bitters


Oh yes, let’s eat! What do you serve for a Shark Pig Party? Shark and Pig Tacos of course. And with those came a buffet of delicious sides, featured above.
Shark and Pig Tacos were composed off of our Oaxacan Wagon. Those menus you see were designed by our one and only Glen Nakasako of Smog Design. You should check out his Instagram feed here also, it’s all about bold compositions that strike him, and is another feed I always look forward to viewing.
We also put snacks on the tables. No one goes home hungry when visiting our house!
Warm Crispy Jam Donuts with Rosemary Maple Glaze made the rounds after everyone got through the Taco Bar a few times. I believe The Third Man was playing on that movie screen. Love that film, one of my all time favorites.
What’s a Shark Pig Party without a Smilebooth? That’s me up there with Chelsy, our Drop-Off Catering Manager (who is moving on to the kitchen, and so we’re hiring!), along with her husband, Rob, who works on events with us, and me and Glen hamming over there to the right.


Oh and that Piñata! My friend’s nanny made it. Good, right? Contact me at if you’d like her contact info for your own customized piñata. She can do just about anything.
You want to know who took all these photos? None other than Jennifer Emerling. She’s about to take a month wondering around Bulgaria and London and she will be documenting it on Instagram here. Do yourself a favor and follow her, it’s like having a coffee table book of gorgeous photography on your phone.
Shark Pig… nice party.

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