Ping Pong Party

Photos: Autumn de Wilde
When our friend Autumn said she wanted to throw a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend Blair, ping pong was a natural theme for this sports fan.

Autumn made a table of shirts and tennis accessories to throw on to get into the swing-a-things while drinking your Mint Julep.

For the “Concession Stand” there was Pizza Bread Pudding, Chili Dogs with House Made Sausages, Savory Corn Fritters, French Fries and House Made Cheese Sauce, Meatballs, Nachos, and a couple different Garden Salads.

Oh yes, Beer Pong! We had lots of sloshy guests thanks to this game!

What a fun night we all had!!! Happy Birthday our friend Blair!!! 

Photos: Tara Maxey

P.S. Blair beat absolutely everyone. He has a wicked two-handed back hand that threw all of his contenders off. Put your money on this guy, you’ll win!!!

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