Out Back During Our Salon Dinner With Caduceus

Our private tasting room, The Salon, is a small, intimate dining room that seats 26-32 people. For special public events we’ve been hosting, we usually have an overflow of friends and family of Heirloom that we want to include but we don’t have the space to in the dining room like here with Caduceus Wine so we’ve been having a separate seating out back.


Plumes of smokey pork fill the air as Chef Todd grills over some luscious pork chops from Cook’s Pigs (remember when we visited their ranch here?). Meanwhile in our kitchen Matt and I prepare family style platters to serve outside. For the most part, the menu is very similar to what is being served in The Salon, just more simple and rustic.

While Matt goes back to cook in The Salon for the guests in there, I sit on down with our friends outside and share some laughs, enjoying the beautiful food and company. Such a good night!

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