Heirloom Garden Fiesta

It’s a big turning point, 30, so we decided to throw a grand fiesta in our back parking lot garden to celebrate. Over 200 people joined us and lots of friends contributed to pulling it off into a festive extravaganza, including the custom font (!) made by Smog Design for all our menus and invitations. Could our invitations be any cuter? I will answer that question, no, no they could not. Thank you Glen and Bijan at Smog for yet another slam dunk in design for us.

You may remember another party in our parking lot garden here. That was for Glen’s 40th birthday. Many of a milestone celebrations going on behind our building, that’s for sure.

Photos: Jennifer Emerling of YEAH Rentals

Speaking of parking lots, can you believe this is our parking lot? I sure can’t. That’s how transformative the cool, modern collection of YEAH Rentals can be. They unload their wares and Presto! You now have the set-up of a cozy party that you wish was a permanent fixture, so stylish it is.

Photo: Jennifer Emerling of YEAH Rentals

We wanted to have lots of things to do rather than just eat (duh! everyone knows they’ll be eating mightily at any of our parties), so one of the Cabanas we built had a Tarot Card Reader (she said the answer to my question was “ten months” but I forgot to ask a question, dang-it!), our friend Whitney set up a Smilebooth, and Handsome Coffee was there with one of their fancy machines making beautiful cups of Joe that took the chill away. Those who had never ventured downtown to their storefront marveled over how dreamy coffee can be when it’s roasted and prepared to such perfection. 

Also my talented friend Heather (who just had a baby but you’d never know because she looks so smokin’ hot), she played an eclectic mix of vinyl that was ambient and cheerful, and we screened The Three Amigos which was very popular among the little kids who attended.

Photos: Ellen November

Although everyone on our Heirloom Team contributed to make this party happen, it was one of our catering managers, Nicolette, who took the piñata by it’s snout and led the way for our party committee. She had the idea to blow up a picture of Matt and instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, she set up a Stick the Stash on Matt! By the end of the night, everyone was mostly wearing these stashes themselves. 

Photos: Jennifer Emerling of YEAH Rentals

After a couple of trips downtown (in Piñata Town, yes there is a Pinata Town here!) to pick up $4 sombreros, multiple piñatas (and we had several custom pinatas you can get made here, one an exact replica of our Food Truck!), balloons, and tissue in the color family of our invitations, Nicolette grabbed a pair of scissors and went to work shaping colorful garlands and pom poms to pair with cacti whose vessels were aluminum cans from the makings of enchiladas that she cooked up for she and her husband and their freezer. Way to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, sister! She also collected Mexican Coke and cerveza bottles for flowers that we scattered everywhere. These ideas were not only vibrant and affordable decor, they also worked as party favors to send guests home with. 


Loop and his wife, Kara, run a company called Tact Events which manages several venues here in Los Angeles and now in San Francisco as well. Under Tact Events, there are two valet companies (Jeffrey and Dovetail) that both have impeccable reputations for quality and trust. Loop has endorsed us from our humble beginnings and it is such a pleasure to see his company grow because he is such good people. For our fiesta, Loop provided Jeffrey Valet (the good looking hipster dudes who drive your car responsibly) so that guests just waltzed right on into The Salon and out to the back for a taco.

Photos: Jennifer Emerling of YEAH Rentals
Photo: Ellen November

You must be noticing those beautiful goblets. You must! They are from our friends expansive collection over at Casa de Perrin. What do you do with these most colorful and delightful glasses that you never want to put down you ask? You put a rockin’ cocktail in it that’s what. 

Okay so I drank every one of the above cocktails and they all were uniquely complex and fresh, but the one I enjoyed two of was that Blue Cello. Whoaaa! Yum city. For those who keep it simple, our dear friends at Silverlake Wine provided us with plenty of Mexican beer and wine. 

Photos: Ellen November

Whatsa Birthday Party without a cake? Or two?! Our friends at Charm City Cakes surprised us with this brilliant confection designed after the invitation. It was a Dulce de Leches Cake that was as delicious as it was merry and thoughtful. And I made a Strawberry Tres Leches Cake layered with Caramel Rice Krispies and Meringue because inside out cake is the new trifle.

Photo: Elizabeth Daniels

It’s a new decade for you, my life partner, my love. I know I speak for everyone when I say that it is with great anticipation that I look at these upcoming years to see what you will build and become and innovate and nurture (and cook!) as your generous spirit continues to embrace us. I’m so grateful and excited to be on this crazy, sleepless ride with you.

Here now are some favorites that friends took on Instagram from this happy night:

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