Wednesdays at Handsome Coffee

Residents downtown have had the inside scoop for what’s going on at Handsome Coffee every Wednesday from 5-8 p.m when The Produce Project sets up the most beautiful gathering of produce in a glorious edit of all the best of the best from the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Remember this post when we talked about going to SMFM? The ladies of Produce Project also source directly from additional farmers and ranchers to add to their carefully curated selection for you to shop from. Raw dairy items are available here, clean meats, and fertilized eggs also.

My favorite offering from The Produce Project is their “Market Baskets” which contain balanced samplings of everything for you to enjoy through the week. How convenient! Oh and they make the most special gifts. Everyone we have given one to is just giddy by how pretty it’s presentation is and then by how absolutely divine the produce tastes. It’s so fun to be surprised by what you’d probably never pick out on your own (like mouse melons or finger limes) and then wonder how you lived this long without any of it. These baskets even include a few simple recipe ideas and tell you which farm every item comes from. Pretty perfect, right?

Handsome Coffee turns these Wednesdays into a gourmet event by including Guerrilla Tacos (they have a food truck now!) and Sweet Clementine’s Popsicles (ask about featuring them at your next party with spiked pops). Oh, yes, and the most refined and sophisticated coffee of all time. They don’t even offer sugar, they want to control that cup that you drink in all of it’s perfection. Don’t go ruining it with sugar.

Let me tell you something, this sugar loving coffee drinker appreciates a Handsome cup of sugarless coffee. The milk is skillfully heated to a particular level which creates a rich sweet creamy foam and I just don’t miss the sugar. Oh…. and their ice coffee….. it’s brewed for 24 hours and is so smooth and layered. I honestly wouldn’t spoil that brew in any way. Heresy. I can’t believe I’m saying that, I love sugar. Anyway, give it a try for yourself and let us know what you think. Ring up some friends this Wednesday and have yourselves a casual, affordable, and deliciously enjoyable fine night out.

Handsome Coffee:  582 Mateo St. in the Downtown LA Arts District

“Market Baskets” from The Produce Project can be picked up on Wednesdays at Handsome or you can order them by contacting They offer two sizes, one at $45 and the other at $65

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