Cook Pigs Ranch Again

As you may already know, we are getting together with our friends from Cook Pigs Ranch to host a pork intensive dinner with a discussion on the importance of supporting sustainable and humane ranches. You not only will taste why, you will hear from the source why. More info here.

Here’s a close up of Granny (remember when we talked about her here?), and there’s the cone alerting traffic, “Please do not run over me!”

Mike Cook is a serviceman on active duty. Whenever he is away, there are four dogs, this one Lucy, keeping his wife Krystina company.

These pigs just ate a bunch of apples and avocados, now they rest.

Here’s Apollo, a baby pit bull rescue who is a baby love bug muffin. This bird he found may disagree however.

Photos: Tara Maxey

There is something so very peaceful about this ranch, so serene. I just plop down on the ground and I never want to leave. Of course I ruminate over the fact that I am making eye contact with these great beasts, I am petting them and forming a connection. I watch them eat, I am amused by their grunts and I enjoy every single story Krystina has told me about their different personalities and quibbles.

I have also witnessed several slaughters. 
We are a catering company. We make beautiful, well-considered menus. There are many vegetarians who are offended that we take the time to visit ranches yet we still serve meat. Our business is not to convince people to become vegetarians, but it is to help carnivores make informed choices about the meat they consume. Supporting sustainable, humane ranches like Cook Pigs Ranch is our mission.
Come join us this Friday to hear more from the ranchers themselves. We are opening up our back space to accommodate more people for this special opportunity to weigh in on this issue. 


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