Yolk and Flour Launch Party



After almost a year of design and programming, and everyone in our office hearing me say over and over, “Well once we have the blog up….”, I really felt it was necessary to throw a party to celebrate it. Plus, it gave me a deadline to fill this url with updated content from when I last left off and then get it live. It’s birthday is also my mom’s, June 17. There’s something actually really sweet about that since I don’t think she would have ever understood me owning a business, especially a catering business, but I think she may have liked the idea of me writing and taking pictures.

So, happy birthday, Yolk and Flour. And happy birthday, Mom. Now let’s have a party!






Who better to host this event with than our dear friends of Individual Medley who we have planned some of our most special events with here and here.  And our mutual friend Yasmine arranged herbs from our garden in little vases. Don’t they look so pretty?

Like most stores, there is no room for a kitchen set up so we brought in our food truck and basically just put up Crostini Stations all over the store and then our whole office pitched in to tray pass six new appetizers. Lots of Heirloom LA friends came out to support and say hello. It was a lot of fun! Here’s what we served:





Shaved Beef Bulgogi Steam Buns

with chipotle aioli, radish sprouts, caramelized onions, and malabar spinach





 Hard Citrus Cider

with spiced syrup


Yolk-Flour-LaunchHeirloom LA-12



Twice Baked Mushroom Empanadas

with aged cheddar cheese, garlic aioli, parmesan, and crispy carrot tops





Quail Egg in the Hole on Brioche

with rendered bacon, red eye gravy, and sage






Friends Stan and Valerie of Valerie Confections stopped by with their little ones. I love so much her little chocolates. Na Young of Proof Bakery also visited with her new baby, so basically some of my favorite pastry chefs were in the house…. just a side note!




Green Chickpea Falafel

with purple fennel, beet horseradish, and fried marjoram




 Sweet Corn Bisque Appetizer (see recipe here)

with pickled pepper and carrot radish, shaved summer truffles, and thyme olive oil






Fried Ricotta and Drake Goat Cheese Squash Blossoms

with roasted tomato vinaigrette, saba, and fried herbs



tray-passed-desserts Blog_Launch-252


Fudge Brownies

with ganache and cocoa nibs

Hazlenut Bombs

on a chocolate macaroon

Strawberry Eclairs

with pastry cream and strawberry pate de fruit

Vanilla Macaroons

with lavender and chocolate ganache


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