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UCLA Pritzker Center Ribbon Cutting


Serving 100 guests Tray Passed Appetizers, a Grand Crostini Buffet, Desserts and Drinks at this Ribbon Cutting!


pritzker center, Heirloom LA, Los Angeles, UCLA, Pri


We have executed full-service events in all kinds of offices. Creating a mostly room temperature menu, we can bring in small ovens for some hot items, thereby elegantly transforming an office space into an event venue. For example, the “prep table” to the left there is a desk actually. We make sure to cover everything before getting service started, and then we put it all back as we found it as when leave.



We cleared out another office to make room for this buffet which is also on a desk that we covered in burlap.



Crispy vegetarian flatbreads were the hit at this event. They were warm and easy to eat with your hands.



Woven into this buffet was our Crostini Station with lots of little bits for quick snacking in between conversations.



Seasonal fruit from our local farmers markets always brings so much color to a buffet, and is a nice easy pop of sweetness.


UCLA, Heirloom LA, Pritzker Center Opening AMP


Thanks for having us UCLA Pritzker Center! Thank you, most of all, for advocating for youth in foster care.









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