Food GPS Fried Chicken Festival

Oh hey, Channel 5 News! Welcome to our kitchen! That’s Josh Lurie of Food GPS on the far right. He organized an event for all the fried chicken lovers out there by gathering up his restaurant friends (listed here), and asking them to make 800 portions of a fried chicken dish. Allie Mac Kay of KTLA Channel 5 Morning News came out to our kitchen to help promote it a couple days ahead of time and featured Matt along with Ricardo Zarate of Mo Chica and Chris Oh of Seol Sausage on the program.

We made 800 Fried Chicken Karaage Sandwiches with Fresh Plum Katsu Sauce, House-Made Siracha, and Weiser Farms Fingerling Potato Salads for the Festival.

Photos: Tara Maxey
We ran into lots of kitchen friends and drank very delicious tequila cocktails by Matt Biancaniello that had chicken feet in them! See more photos on Instagram at #FoodGPSFriedChicken.



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