Drop-Off Wedding at The Alamo


I love a bride who eats at her own wedding, and I especially love a bride who eats Lasagna Cupcakes at her own wedding. Even more, I love a resourceful, creative bride, like our friend Heather here who ordered a drop-off from us for her big day.



Heather and her now husband, Sean, took over the entire Alamo Hotel for the guests to have a weekend away. They kept flowers to a minimum which worked so well with the space, it all felt really down to earth.



Heather fashioned our drop-off delivery on Sean’s truck. Everything was delivered hot and ready to go, and putting all the food on this vintage truck made everything really easy and cool.



Another drop-off wedding can be seen HERE. It’s a great option to get the same menu we offer for full-service at a fraction of the cost because you are not hiring any labor or kitchen rentals. Those costs add up quick! If you are going for something more formal, then it’s necessary to have the indulgence of staff for your big day, but if you are comfortable with a more relaxed vibe, then drop-off is such a great cost savings alternative.

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