Children’s Party at Camelot Kids


Some moms host kids parties with junk food…. and others, they call us! Our colorful food makes kids curious and parents happy because they know it is healthy. Remember THIS kid party where we made raviolis together? So fun!



Camelot Kids in Silverlake already has a cheerful vibe going on, so adding more design elements really pushed it to a really exciting celebration.



Our drop-off delivery is easy to re-plate when you use was the kraft paper to slide it out of our aluminum trays and onto your own plates or platters. If you’d rather not do that yourself, you can ask us about our HYBRID services which is a drop-off with a server or a chef if you need things reheated.



So cute! I love how the host replated the fruit platter and crostini station but left the crudite as it came from our kitchen. This buffet is so inviting.



Kids were transfixed by this locally grown dragon fruit!



I love that the magenta dragon fruit has stained this little girl’s face. Adorable.



The host chose plates that were toned down in color which was a great decision with the explosive color everywhere else.



Food to make parents and kids happy at this happy little preschool, Camelot Kids.


Photos: Tiffany Roohani


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