Charred Cherry Tomatoes

Heirloom-LA + Individual Medley


Camping was the theme for this dinner in our parking lot and The Salon as we collaborated with our good friends from Individual Medley. You can see more photos over on our website here.


Heirloom LA Pizza-5

Heirloom LA Pizza-3


Our chef, Matt, gives the recipe for his pizza dough made with Pale Ale Beer over on Chalkboard Magazine here.


Heirloom LA Pizza-2

Heirloom LA Pizza-4


Charred Cherry Tomatoes are a staple for us in our kitchen. They brighten up a grain salad, pasta, foccacia and pizzas. The intense heat condenses their sweet flavor, making them become a flavor pop to anything you add them too. It was Nancy Silverton who taught Matt this simple trick back when he worked for her at La Tersa, and I share it with you below:


Heirloom LA Pizza

Charred Cherry Tomatoes






3 baskets of cherry tomatoes, de-stemmed and cleaned

olive oil




Preheat a large cast-iron skillet over medium high heat and drizzle lightly to coat with olive oil. Char cherry tomatoes until all sides are blackened.


They will keep refrigerated for one week.


Photos: Jennifer Emerling

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