Baby’s First Birthday Brunch

HLA Brunch Buffet


Anyone getting married has heard of Max Wanger, the most coveted photographer to shoot your nuptials. He also shoots food really well as you can see in these photos!




For his little son, Dash’s first birthday, we had served some kiddie PBJ cut-out sandwiches and bright fruit salad. From our experience, children seem to love red food. I think they also love red lipstick.


HLA Sandwiches


Adults had their choice of short rib or grilled vegetable sandwiches. This roasted broccolini had the prettiest flowers sprouting from it and they taste just like broccoli.


Lasagana Cupcakes


Gotta throw in a salad on every buffet, right? And for all ages, Mac-n-Cheese Lasagna Cupcakes™.


Photos: Max Wanger 

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