Amy Merrick Floral Workshop




Do you know of Amy Merrick? Her Instagram is lush with her travels and beautiful aesthetic so I have long been a fan. She is a floral designer by trade, but i feel she should consider being a travel agent or tour guide. The short of it is that I was really flattered when she approached us about making a vegetarian lunch buffet for a workshop she would be teaching downtown.






I asked Amy what the theme of her workshop would be and she said, “A California Sunset”. That said everything I needed to know without anymore deliberation.






Much of the menu Matt made for this lunch buffet was from our seasonal menu for March because the season incorporated all those bright pinks and oranges with yellow undertones of Amy’s floral palate for the day.






With easy food, students were able to take a plate to snack on throughout Amy’s demonstration, and then give floral arranging a spin!




Amy is so generous! She insisted that I be one of her students for this workshop which I honestly learned so much from. She shared helpful tips like when you have tight looking roses that you can put the stem between your two palms and briskly spin it back and forth to release the petals. Then you just adjust it with your fingers to make an otherwise uneventful rose bloom open.





Yes, edible flowers on shortbread cookies, but of course. Thank you, Amy for such a fun afternoon!


Photos: Kesnia Koldeava

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