A “Hybrid” Wedding at Big Daddy’s Antiques


How much do you love this couple, just by this photo alone, even though you’ve never met them??? Nice work, Jenny Smith Photography for capturing this photo! I want to hug these lovebirds. I’m so happy for them!



And then they go and chose Big Daddy’s Antiques for the wedding and reception proves that they are fun and stylish also.



Ok, can’t get enough, but then their dog was in the wedding party. I truly love this couple.



I mean, isn’t this venue so, so good?



It’s actually an antique store so they have a rotating inventory of eclectic furniture, chairs and details that you get to use for your event.



Yes, the price tags are on the chairs there, but isn’t that part of the fun? This place is like no other!




I seriously just die! So good.



And then the table decor, the bride arranged for all of that. Doesn’t it look so inviting?



Okay, now onto the food. Another reason why I LOVE this couple is because they chose to bypass all the formality and expense of a full-service wedding where kitchen rentals and staff add up like crazy, and instead they went with what we are calling a “Hybrid Event”, which is a cross between full-service and drop-off.



To sum up, we bring in a small kitchen staff to deliver the drop-off order and re-plate it. If there are existing ovens, they will heat the food up, but if not, they will keep it warm in hot boxes.



Additionally, a small front of house staff of servers will keep things tidy, replenish the buffet, and pour wine.



It’s a budget friendly option for buffet and tray passed appetizers. Your guests get to eat the same high quality food of a full-service event, but at a fraction of the cost to you. These are great for house parties, corporate events and even high-level photo shoots where you want things re-plated. The bride here opted to keep things in our aluminum containers we deliver in, but for a Hybrid Event, our staff can easily transfer the food to any platters you choose, much like THIS buffet.



Much joy to you Kelsey and Corey! Your wedding pictures make me so happy.


Photos: Jenny Smith Photography

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