Cecil Hotel, Heirloom LA

Skid Row Housing Trust

Cecil Hotel, Heirloom LA


Last week a customer of ours asked to donate her credit of over $2,000 with us, and with supply chains restored to the non-profits we worked with at Violence Intervention Program, we turned to the office of Hilda Solis to direct us as to where to donate such a large amount of food.


Cecil Hotel, Heirloom LA


Turns out Cecil Hotel opened last year to house more than 600 residents in down town Los Angeles. How awesome! The project is organized by Skid Row Housing Trust, and it’s mission is to permanently house Angelenos who are experiencing prolonged extreme poverty and poor health.



We delivered lots of comfort food that can be heated up or eaten at room temperature…..


Cecil Hotel, Heirloom LA


We included meals of roasted chicken with roasted potatoes and collard greens….



Also on the menu was braised short ribs with mashed potatoes and roasted carrots…



For the vegetarians, we added gigantic veggie burritos bursting with beans and rice, and of course we added in chocolate chip cookies because everyone has a sweet tooth. Thank you to our customer’s donations to make this delivery happen. We are humbled by the goodness of the people who support HLA, and also by the partnerships we get to have with non profits who are doing the hard work to assist, house, and serve our city’s most vulnerable. It takes a whole network of dedicated people to make the change we want to see in our city. Rather than passing the ball, we all can lean in and make a difference!




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