Action for Peace



Paris has been wounded. It was just three short weeks ago that I had the most dreamy, the most luscious visit (see it here), so my senses are still fresh with the tastes and the smells of this city that gripped my heart as I fell in love with every corner of it. The darkness lurking had not in any way revealed itself and my shock runs deep. We are all vulnerable in this angry world.

And so we go on. We continue with our day to day, and we look for pockets of where we can provide comfort and assistance. It’s everywhere if we just look. A kindness to a stranger, encouragement to a child that isn’t yours, attention to an elder, quiet services to humanity that can occur all through the day and may possibly offer an impact… or not. The point is to open our eyes, to reach out, to shed light where there is darkness in small ways and then in bigger, more consistent gestures. The world has the potential to become so much smaller if we embrace these measures. Praying for Paris is a helpful exercise if it makes you feel good to do it, but think about taking action upon yourself rather then putting it upon whoever you are praying to. It’s action that will have the greatest of effects. Darkness is pervasive. Let’s all work to bring light through action.



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