. Easily transform yogurt into a spread that has a silky texture for piping and smearing on a plate. Layer in a sandwich of roast...
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Vegan Baked Pumpkin Rigatoni
  It's pumpkin time! And here's a great way to use all those weird looking ones that make you sort of go, huh? Any fall squash...
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July Lunch Buffet
  This lunch for 50 took place in the most quintessential old Hollywood kind of house. It's actually the official Absolute...
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Drop-Off Lunch from our June Menu
  Our Monthly Seasonal Menu (see complete menu here) for June gives us stone fruit and heirloom eggplants, letting us know that...
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Crostini Station Cheese for June
  Our June Seasonal Cheese Selections finds us without any sheep cheeses. As we strive to only support cheese makers who are...
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Crostini Station Cheese for May
  Crostini Stations are our number one seller for Drop-Offs as well as Full Service. I could eat seasonal fruits, spreads on...
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May Buffet for Molly Sims
  Molly Sims hosted an all day gathering at Lombardi House where she partnered with Jo Gartin and Garnier to show bloggers her...
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Drop-Off Lunch for May
  Our Seasonal Menu for May is out featuring all of the specialties of spring like mulberries and cherries. Here you see some...
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April Drop-Off Dinner
  As you know, each month our Seasonal Menu changes. Last April our menu looked like this. After consulting with our Produce...
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April Cheeses
  We are proud to feature California cheeses exclusively this month on all of our cheese platters and crostini stations. Here's...
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