Staining Food with Beets
  Here's an exciting way to elevate a simple pasta dish: stain it with beets! It's simple and healthy, and you get some roasted...
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Vegan Baked Pumpkin Rigatoni
  It's pumpkin time! And here's a great way to use all those weird looking ones that make you sort of go, huh? Any fall squash...
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Small Plates with Roe Caviar
  Back at Absolute Elyx, this time for an event put on by Roe Caviar where our chef Matt created a special menu that had, yes,...
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November Menu Vegetarian Lunch
  Some of my oldest friends I rarely get to see, but when I do see them, I bring one of our drop-offs to apologize. Basically...
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FEED Supper with Oh Joy
  Our friend Joy, of Oh Joy, teamed up with FEED Suppers to host an event with her friends and their children and asked...
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Carbonara Recipe with Tagliolini
Pasta Carbonara
  Matt's favorite pasta is this one. He makes it for himself on a regular basis and with knowing the proper technique, you can...
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Let’s Make Ricotta Cheese
  Our private tasting room, The Salon, is really popular for birthdays like this one where guests have this really intimate...
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Chef Matt Poley at LA Kitchen
LA Kitchen Class 3
  We're back at LA Kitchen for their third class! Remember when Matt taught their second class how to make béchamel and...
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Tagliatelle Recipe Heirloom LA
Tagliatelle For Dinner
  Remember when Matt showed you how to make pasta here? Now you can turn it into an easy dish. You can also used dry pasta for...
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Love and Splendor Workshop Part-1
Love and Splendor Workshop Part-1
  Our dear friend, Angel, of Love and Splendor, hosted the opening night of her very first Workshop in The Salon which was so...
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