Pepper Popper Appetizer
  The undeniable difference between purchasing produce directly from a farmer is most notably evident when using raw components...
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Spring at Santa Monica Farmer’s Market
  We are so fortunate to have farms that directly delivery to us from their soil to our kitchen three times a week, but...
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JF Organic Farms, Lucerne Valley
  A couple months back we went to visit one of our favorite farms and biggest suppliers, JF Organic Farms. Not only do we pick...
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JF Organic Farms, Yucca Valley
  At the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmer's Market, JF Organics is an essential pit stop every chef makes because you can always...
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Fall Market Day
  Guys! Have you been to SMFM lately? Me neither! It's tough to pull away on a Wednesday morning to get to Santa Monica for the...
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