August Lunch
  This delicious lunch for 20 came from our Seasonal Menu for August. It was a colorful and flavorful Drop-Off delivered to...
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Drop-Off Lunch from our June Menu
  Our Monthly Seasonal Menu (see complete menu here) for June gives us stone fruit and heirloom eggplants, letting us know that...
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Drop-Off Lunch for May
  Our Seasonal Menu for May is out featuring all of the specialties of spring like mulberries and cherries. Here you see some...
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April Drop-Off Dinner
  As you know, each month our Seasonal Menu changes. Last April our menu looked like this. After consulting with our Produce...
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March Drop-Off Dinner
  Phil Mc Grath! As a fifth generation farmer, farming policy advocate, and very good friend of ours, it comes with great...
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Farms on A Drop-Off Crostini
  Our Crostini Stations change by whatever produce is seasonal. We also are introducing a new cheese program where we change...
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November Menu Vegetarian Lunch
  Some of my oldest friends I rarely get to see, but when I do see them, I bring one of our drop-offs to apologize. Basically...
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November Menu Dinner Party
  Last week we had ourselves another little office getaway with a few of our managers (remember when we went to Palm Springs...
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Core Values
  Remember our Office Retreat in Palm Springs here? We ran out of time to finish it up, so we waited for a pocket in our...
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Drop-Off Taco Buffet
  Let's talk Drop-Off. Specifically our Taco Buffet Drop-Off  because who doesn't like tacos? Our Drop-Offs are an easy...
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