November Menu Dinner Party
  Last week we had ourselves another little office getaway with a few of our managers (remember when we went to Palm Springs...
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Drop-Off Taco Buffet
  Let's talk Drop-Off. Specifically our Taco Buffet Drop-Off  because who doesn't like tacos? Our Drop-Offs are an easy...
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The Orchard Room at Korakia
  When  I decided to plan a retreat for our office, I needed a venue to sleep 17 people and have different settings to host...
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Vegetarian Fourth of July Cooking Class
  Here's a 4th of July Party for you! Invite some friends over and have Matt teach you how to make one of the best vegan...
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More on our June Menu
  The style maven, Bri of Design Love Fest, who is a very visual person, always gives us themes when she calls upon us to...
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Yolk and Flour Launch Party
  After almost a year of design and programming, and everyone in our office hearing me say over and over, "Well once we have...
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Oh Joy For Target & Band-Aid
  Joy Cho is a good friend of mine and although I've never stated it as such to her directly, I just really love the gal....
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Amy Merrick Floral Workshop
  Do you know of Amy Merrick? Her Instagram is lush with her travels and beautiful aesthetic so I have long been a fan. She...
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March Menu
  We remember, once upon a time, doing the wedding for the two love birds, Josh and Diana, who said they were going to...
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Let’s Make Ricotta Cheese
  Our private tasting room, The Salon, is really popular for birthdays like this one where guests have this really intimate...
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