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Fall Dinner with Local Small Farmers
  Last week we hosted a fall dinner at Civil Coffee where we showcased fall specialty produce cooked, raw, and...
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Apricot Lane Farms
Dr Bronners + B Corporation at Apricot Lane Farm
  We were very honored to be chosen as the caterer by Dr Bronners for their event at Apricot Lane Farm with B Corporation,...
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Pumpkin Guacamole
  Have you heard about the avocado labor strike in Mexico? It's all over the news. Each one of our vendors has said they can't...
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Grilled Nectarine and Carrot Salad
  Reiger Farms Nectarines get grilled and paired with JF Organic Carrots and The Garden Of Fennel Pollen. Sounds weird I know,...
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Crostini Station Cheese for June
  Our June Seasonal Cheese Selections finds us without any sheep cheeses. As we strive to only support cheese makers who are...
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Spring at Santa Monica Farmer’s Market
  We are so fortunate to have farms that directly delivery to us from their soil to our kitchen three times a week, but...
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April Cheeses
  We are proud to feature California cheeses exclusively this month on all of our cheese platters and crostini stations. Here's...
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Crostini Map for March
  Here's what March looks like for one of our Crostini Stations going out on a full-service event. We also build them for...
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February Appetizers
  Leek & Black Truffle Toad in the Hole with Sunny JF Organic Quail Egg  .   . Hedgehog Mushroom Arancini with Drake...
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January Charcuterie Platter
  For the most part, we get in whole animals, as opposed to animal parts, so that we can do the processing ourselves. It's a...
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