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Fall Dinner with Local Small Farmers
  Last week we hosted a fall dinner at Civil Coffee where we showcased fall specialty produce cooked, raw, and...
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Apricot Lane Farms
Dr Bronners + B Corporation at Apricot Lane Farm
  We were very honored to be chosen as the caterer by Dr Bronners for their event at Apricot Lane Farm with B Corporation,...
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Avocado Platter
Some New Platters
  AVOCADO TOAST PLATTER: Complete with smashed and seasoned avocado as well as chunky squash puree and whole grain toast from...
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Heirloom LA
  Oh hey pretty birthday baby, Neala, sitting so sweetly next to all those unwrapped presents. Let's get you something to...
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Passover Menu
  For a fresh take on your Passover Seder, we have some offerings that encompass our mission and ethos of using 100%...
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Signature Breakfast Buffet Package
  For ease of ordering, we have introduced packages (see them all, with pricing, HERE) so you can quickly make a balanced menu...
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Heirloom LA, Fruit Platter
Picnic Lunch
  Our Signature sandwich Package makes a great lunch for a picnic! See all of our packages HERE     For...
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Win this Set Up!
  Our CROSTINI STATIONS are one of our most popular menu items, especially over the holidays when literally hundreds go out in...
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Making an Argument for Edible Centerpieces
  Hello Beautiful Table! We are really big on the edible centerpiece (remember THIS one?). Here are some reasons why we love it...
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KD Lang, event, Silverlake Conservatory of Music, Heirloom LA
Silverlake Conservatory of Music Fundraiser for 2018
  Each year, we get to cook for Silverlake Conservatory of Music's Annual Fundraiser, which, at this point, feels like family...
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