Yolk & Flour Is Here
  That's right! We have a new space, open to everyone right now on Fridays from 11-7. Come mid-mad, we will be open more...
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Staining Food with Beets
  Here's an exciting way to elevate a simple pasta dish: stain it with beets! It's simple and healthy, and you get some roasted...
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Vanessa Hudgen’s Friendsgiving Lunch
  This week, Vanessa Hudgens called upon us to cook for her Friendsgiving Luncheon that was featured on E News. She wanted a...
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Pumpkin Guacamole
  Have you heard about the avocado labor strike in Mexico? It's all over the news. Each one of our vendors has said they can't...
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Vegan Baked Pumpkin Rigatoni
  It's pumpkin time! And here's a great way to use all those weird looking ones that make you sort of go, huh? Any fall squash...
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Small Plates with Roe Caviar
  Back at Absolute Elyx, this time for an event put on by Roe Caviar where our chef Matt created a special menu that had, yes,...
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Fall Family Style Dinner
  Each fall, we cook for the fundraiser Silverlake Conservatory of Music where art is silently auctioned off as live music...
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Edible Centerpiece
  O lá lá, our Crostini Station as an edible centerpiece! Flower arrangements are so beautiful, but at the end of an event,...
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August Lunch
  This delicious lunch for 20 came from our Seasonal Menu for August. It was a colorful and flavorful Drop-Off delivered to...
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July Lunch Buffet
  This lunch for 50 took place in the most quintessential old Hollywood kind of house. It's actually the official Absolute...
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