Apricot Lane Farms
Dr Bronners + B Corporation at Apricot Lane Farm
  We were very honored to be chosen as the caterer by Dr Bronners for their event at Apricot Lane Farm with B Corporation,...
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Primal Pastures Chicken
  Chicken is our most popular selling protein, and we go through a lot of it, so it has been challenging to find a small,...
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Stemple Creek Ranch
  As Ag Gag Laws gain traction in their design to protect the unfathomably cruel and environmentally unstable practices that...
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Manure for our Compost
  In an oasis of farmland in the heart of Atwater bordering the LA River Walk resides Taking the Reins, a non-profit program to...
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Peads and Barnetts
  Our quest for the best tasting, humanely raised meat that is USDA stamped (required by all food service outlets) led us to...
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Small Scale Pasture Farming
  A hundred years ago, this is how farming looked. Ruminants such as cows, goats, and sheep graze on a section of pasture,...
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Urban Garden in Atwater Village
  Nestled just beside the 5 freeway in Atwater Village is the most charming little urban garden farm which is the...
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JF Organic Farms, Lucerne Valley
  A couple months back we went to visit one of our favorite farms and biggest suppliers, JF Organic Farms. Not only do we pick...
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JF Organic Farms, Yucca Valley
  At the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmer's Market, JF Organics is an essential pit stop every chef makes because you can always...
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Coastal Farms
  By far, our favorite summer tomatoes from Santa Monica Farmer's Market are found at Mark Carpenter's Coastal Farms booth. A...
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