Sunday Brunch at Intelligentsia

You may have your own favorite java jolt, but I’m going to share with you ours. It’s at Intelligentsia of course and it’s off the menu so that when you order it you immediately feel like an insider which never hurts at a place of food. Named for the glass it’s served in, the Gibraltar is an espresso with milk heated to the tip of it’s sweetness so sugar isn’t really necessary. Pair this shot with an Americano and you’ll feel enlivened and ready to go.

Now, the Grub!

Jidori Chicken Salad Sandwich

Pork Sausage Fritatta with Weiser Farm Banana Potatoes

Suadero Tacos with Pico de Gallo and Peppadew Slaw

Roasted Nieman Ranch Pork Belly Sandwich

Come and Get It!

Intelligentsia Pasadena

55 East Colorado Blvd.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch at Intelligentsia

  1. just wondering if Intelligentsia always has cupcakes on hand in Pasadena? Wanted to bring a troop of friends to taste the “8th wonder of the world” but wanted to make sure they would have enough:)

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