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Krystina Cook, of Cook Pigs Ranch in Julian, CA, has allowed me to come sit in pens with her gentle and happy pigs on many occasions. I’ve talked about it a lot on this blog because I deeply respect how Krystina is raising her pigs but I also have come to know them as the soulful animals that they are allowed to be at this ranch.


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We are a catering company. Rather than alienate the carnivores who call upon us to cook for them, I hope that we can educate meat eaters that there are important political choices to make with each meal. Factory farms dominate our country and represent the most egregious  forms of animal abuse. Those who do not look into where their meat is from are directly supporting those practices.


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We call upon carnivores to be informed eaters! Eat less meat, and when you do eat it, do the research. Know what farm it comes from and how that farm’s operation is run. If you don’t know, don’t eat it. Your purchasing power can make a difference in turning around how our country raises livestock.




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